Pacific COP26 Campaigns

FLEX for 1.5C

led by SPREP
Pacific NGO’s showing the world
how they’re flexing for 1.5


led by CANI
Empowering local communities as we fight for climate justice amidst multiple crises

Stand with Tosy

led by Edmund Rice Center
Australian Leaders asking them to take urgent, strong climate action before COP26

Blue Pacific Line

led by PANG and PIANGO
Calling for a total ban on Deep Sea Mining within our territorial waters and in areas beyond national jurisdiction


led by 350 Pacific
Amplifying Pacific Youth Demands at COP26

Ketekete Mana

led by Pacific Council of Churches
To encourage children and young people to write their hopes, fears, challenges and vision for ‘A Safe and Resilient Pacific Home’ in the face of ecological crisis

Kick Polluters out of COP26!

led by
To ensure fossil fuel interests do not influence negotiations

Te Mana o Te Moana

led by Greenpeace
Exploring how climate change has impacted the Pacific, who is responsible, and what is needed

led by
To make
world leaders to see how their inaction on climate is violating our human rights!


led by 350 Pacific
on why it’s important that Global Leaders rise to meet the challenge of the climate crisis and respond through an intersectional lens that prioritizes justice, promotes inclusivity, and a just world for ourselves and the future generations to come

Greenpeace Tell Your Story

led by Greenpeace Australia Pacific
to showcase stories that emphasise the resilience of cultures and traditions