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By joining the Pacific Islands Climate Action Network (PICAN) your organization is also becoming a member of global Climate Action Network (CAN). You will find the rules and procedures guiding CAN members in the CAN International Charter (


The details you provide in the membership application form below will allow PICAN to consider your organization’s membership application. 

PICAN Membership Criteria and Guidelines

  1. Membership of the network is open to any not-for-profit organization, NGO, civil society organization or educational or think tank institution of any size and legal form based in any of the Pacific Island countries or territories.

  2. Individuals cannot apply to become a member of PICAN. Individuals wishing to be a member must engage through an existing PICAN and/or CAN member organization. Individuals involved with a PICAN or CAN member organization in any of the Pacific Island countries should contact their organization and the National Node Coordinators for access.

  3. An organization, based within the Pacific Islands region and wishing to become a member of the global CAN must apply for membership through PICAN. The CAN-I Secretariat will refer all Pacific node membership matters to PICAN. 

  4. Organizations who:
    a) Qualify for membership of PICAN but wish to have observer status only;
    b) Do not qualify for membership of PICAN but wish to have observer status;

  5. May apply to become observer members of PICAN in accordance with the relevant sections of the PICAN Constitution.

  6. Interested organizations must fulfil the requirements of PICAN membership set out in the PICAN Constitution and/or any other criteria listed in this form.

  7. An organization applying for membership based in a Pacific island country where a PICAN National Node exists - for example in Vanuatu, Tuvalu and Kiribati - this membership application form must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from the respective National Node. Applications will not be accepted without a letter of recommendation from the National Node in these countries.

  8. Upon receipt of an application, PICAN Secretariat will process the new membership application. The PICAN Secretariat will submit the application to the PICAN Board for deliberation and approval. Following the approval of the PICAN Board, the PICAN Secretariat will communicate this new membership interest to all members of PICAN and allow two (2) weeks for comments and reservations regarding the new membership application before the new membership is finalized.

  9. The successful applicant organization will be notified and at this stage must receive and agree to in writing the CAN Charter and PICAN Constitution.

  10. Following the approval of any new membership application the PICAN Secretariat will communicate the updated membership list to the entire PICAN membership and also send a copy to the CAN-I Secretariat for the global membership records.

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Apply Now

Completed Membership Application forms are to be sent to the PICAN Coordinator by email at

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