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Dylan Kava

Strategic Engagement and Communications Lead


Dylan Kava is an environmental advocate and political activist from Fiji and Tonga.

With a background in Political Science and Journalism, Dylan has led large-scale political campaigns advocating for social and political justice in Fiji, coordinated Pacific youth activists working on a wide range of social and climate justice issues, and is an advocate for substantive youth engagement and representation in national, regional and international discourse.

Dylan brings in a wealth of regional and multilateral political communications expertise, having organized around and navigating Pacific Island Forum Secretariat communications, and engaged in novel communication strategies during the crowded media and policy COP spaces and its subsidiary body events to elevate and highlight Pacific voices and Pacific priorities. His strategic communications push has significantly contributed to successful political campaigns like Fossil Fuel Free Pacific and Seeking an Advisory Opinion from the International Court of Justice on Climate Change.

Outside of his professional capacity at PICAN, Dylan is a proud Pacific Climate Warrior, a Secretariat member of the Alliance for future generations, Fiji's largest youth network working on sustainable development, and he is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Uto ni Yalo Trust, a double-hulled traditional sailing canoe focused on revitalising traditional voyaging and navigational skills, community work, and the promotion of sustainable sea transportation in Fiji.

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