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COP28: Response to Newly Released Draft Text on Global Stocktake

[Dubai, 11 December 2023] — The UNFCCC has just published the latest draft of the proposed text for the Global Stocktake which will be negotiated in the final hours at COP28.

Lavetanalagi Seru, Regional Coordinator, Pacific Islands Climate Action Network says:

"If our progress is to be measured against the 1.5-degree benchmark, then it's clear that this text has already failed. 

We’ve heard Leaders throughout these two weeks talk about climate ambition and the 1.5-degree being our northern star, yet the reality is that countries beholden to the fossil fuel industry continue to weaken the ambition, by proposing texts that do not course correct, nor address the root cause of the climate crisis.

What confronts us is a hollow echo of promises, none sufficient to meet the 1.5C goal. Instead of a robust and concrete energy package, what we find is a feeble list of options that will do nothing to course-correct. 

This is no doubt the product of the COP28 Presidency’s attempt to appease a select group of blockers made up of historic and current large emitters. It lays bare the reality of how these multilateral spaces are increasingly becoming captured by the fossil fuel industry and a stark reminder of the perils that accompany entrusting the presidency to a petro-state.

The time for vague options and half-hearted measures has long passed; the urgency of the climate crisis demands unwavering resolve and decisive action. We cannot afford the luxury of lukewarm efforts when the stakes are as high as the very future of our world."


Media Contacts:

Dylan Kava, Communications Officer, Pacific Islands Climate Action Network | +679 9061989 (Fiji / GMT+12)


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